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Rock Your Portable Profitable Online Coaching Biz in a Bikini ... if You Want to!

Weekly live Q & A's with a Seven Figure Earner Vanessa Simpkins Founder of Take Your Power Back now Women's Empowerment, 11 years in the Coaching Industry, a community of rockstar WOMEN and love leaders JUST like YOU, a TEAM of expert support & accountability so you never get stuck guessing what to do next to grow your business. Apply to The Bikini Business Coach Mastermind today and start scaling tomorrow.

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Hit Your Goals Sooner Than You Thought Possible!

Let's be honest you are a rare GEM, not a one sized fits all coach so why would you settle for cookie cutter coaching. Our women's empowerment leaders, healers and coaches are seeing incredible growth thanks to our 1 years access to Bikini Business Coach Mastermind resources, coaching pros, mindset mastery techniques, habits for success, stellar support and accountability, sales training, team building, marketing strategy & funnel templates, mastermind growth lanes, paid advertising training and a SHIT TON OF FUN while you learn!

Grow 10x Faster

Results in record time happen when you have CLARITY, and surround yourself with other people who have the same ambition, drive, and goals, get the right strategy to grow your online coaching business and IMPLEMENT!

Save Time & Resources

Don’t waste time searching for answers. Get what you need in less time, any time! Get access to our private Facebook group, weekly live Q & A's, one on one support to get your most pressing business questions answered. No more guessing.

Decades of Experience

Have peace of mind! Our experts have years of know-how and get what you’re going through. Whether it's how to dial in your paid advertising, setting up your funnels, high ticket sales, how to scale your mastermind, or hire your first second or third team member. We've got you covered.

Results in Record Time...

Accredited By The Better Business Bureau

Yep, I've been in business a LONG time! With over 1300 students and clients run through our elite mastermind programs we've drilled "getting our clients results" down to a science.

Get Results In Record Time.

With weekly check-ins and personalized coaching, never get stuck guessing what to do next for your business. Apply for Bikini Business Coach Mastermind today.

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“Business Building Doesn't Have to Happen Inside Stuffy Conference Rooms. You can Build Your Business Your Way to Suit Your Lifestyle and We Can Help! You were MADE to Rise & Shine. Strap Your Tits On & Let's do this!”

— Vanessa Simpkins - Founder of Take Your Power Back Now Women's Empowerment

Imagine What It Would Be Like To:

Turn Your Yearly Income Into Your Monthly Income

  • Have a fail proof blueprint thousands of our clients and students have implemented to 10 x their revenue, scale and grow their coaching business in record time A ROAD MAP to go from where you are to where you want to go. Step 1 -2 -3 


  • Seriously you don’t even have to be GOOD at marketing to start, you just have to be willing to fail a little on the way to getting it right! And EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!

Have a Kick ASS Social Media Plan and Killer Offers That Convert

  • Swipe and deploy Vanessa’s BEST social media posts, emails and offers all time tested and true from her “100 page Coveted Offer Bible” that’s generated millions in sales for our clients.

Never Worry Where Your Next Client Will Cone From Ever Again

  • Dial in your sales attraction system operating on autopilot each month. Want more clients crank up the add spend and ROCK & ENROLL!

Join a Tribe Of Love Leaders That Have Your Back

  • Be able to collaborate with women who are JUST like you, a little scared and totally ALL IN to living their purpose, living their BIG dreams and making it happen. No competition, safe space for healing, get your most pressing biz questions answered and make soul sister friends for LIFE!

Live Your Purpose and Change Lives in a BIG Way

  • Run incredibly life transforming masterminds, programs and retreats in luxurious rad places around the globe, or from the comfort of home or in your bikini if you want to!

Our customers love us

"I just signed a deal for $37,000 Thank so much Vanessa Simpkins for all your help!"

- Lisa C (Uk) Leadership Coach & Trainer

"I tripled my income in 28 days from one simple strategy from vanessa

She is street wise, worldwide and business wisely beyond her years. Vanessa has a big heart that guides her to give all she can to help her clients succeed - and they do! You will most certainly make a BIG leap in your business by working with her!"

- Kala H (Hawaii) CEO of Become Magnetic

"$11,000 in sales and 4 new speaking engagements"

- Tina B (San Diego ,CA) Aging Parents Care Specialist

Vanessa Simpkins

Founder of Take Your Power Back Now Womens Empowerment & The Bikini Biz Coach

Why is The Bikini Business Coach Mastermind a Fit for You?

The INNER GAME of up-leveling your IDENTITY, and radical change in becoming a top online influencer expert, scaling your income and helping more people is a HUGE change! Learning leadership habits for you and your growing team, learning how to track numbers, what numbers to track, your fears about what success brings, fears around really being visible in a big way, learning how to lead with vulnerability, how to balance work and family life, your mindset for success all of these are crucial conversations you need to be partaking in on this journey of radical change in your identity.

"Authenticity is the NEW currency is Life & Business" - Vanessa

Here's What's Included Each Month:

2 x 30 Minute One on One Private Coaching Calls With Experts

Have a question about your next big business move? Whether you have a small question about a sales call or an impactful idea about expansion, a question about how to shift your current coaching offers, is your Facebook ad actually working properly, your yearlong membership gets you 2 x 30 minute private calls per month with any of our mindset experts, Facebook ad strategists, copywriting experts or tech geeks to help you in whichever area your biz needs it most.

  • Two private 30 minute one on one coaching calls each month of your choosing.

2 x 90 Minute Weekly Live Question & Answer Zoom Calls

  • Masterminds are the BEST way to learn! You'll hear other members of the Bikini Business Coach Mastermind ask important questions you never thought to ask that are SO relevant to you up-leveling your biz.
  • Scheduled weekly 2 x 90-minute check-ins to talk about your business goals face-to-face with Me Vanessa and my rockstar team.
  • I have 4 rules for clients attending live Q & A's to make sure it remains a safe space to do your deep healing work so you can implement all the rad ninja funnels, marketing, mastermind and sales techniques you'll learn :

#1 No comparing yourself to anyone else. I don't care how many people you have on your list or how many years in business experience you have or how many certifications you have. All I care about is that you show up and participate. 90% of success is showing up!

#2 No competing with any other women. It's not the 1980's folks. That shit is over. We rise together!

#3 Lets redefine FAILURE as a lesson, success is a lesson applied. You only fail when you give-up. There's a ton of learning curves so lets treat your learning curves with as much grace, tenderness and care that you would offer a client, ok?

#4 No apologizing for how you FEEL. Ever. Your feelings give you information. So lets decode what's going on behind the scenes and un earth the gremlins and fears behind your feelings. They have important information for your success!

THIS is a women's empowerment program lovers! And your business is simply an extension the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and your business.

Access to Our Membership Site & Private Facebook Group

  • Download our plug and play funnel templates, download our sales scripts ( which have brought in over 9 million dollars in sales in the last 5 years and millions more for our clients) access expert video trainings, and all of the resources you need to get your biz the growth it deserves. Join our Facebook group where you can get your questions answered by our team and your soul sister colleagues for daily support.

Upgrade for Done For You Services & Soul Sister Mastermind Live Events

  • Not great at tech? No worries, upgrade at any time for done for you funnel set up.
  • Upgrade options to join our FUN in the SUN luxury 3 day SOUL SISTER Masterminds in Laguna Beach California and Kauai Hawaii with Vanessa Simpkins. Nothing beats connecting IN PERSON! These live events are a game changer!

Get Results In Record Time.

With weekly check-ins and personalized coaching, never get stuck guessing what to do next for your business. Apply for Bikini Business Coach Mastermind today.

Who Is This Bikini Business Coach?

Here's the deal lovers...over the last 11 years I've had the sheer blessing of witnessing and supporting over 1300 fitness coaches, life coaches, relationship coaches, business coaches, spiritual coaches, women’s empowerment leaders, healers, authors and speakers break through their inner blocks, take their power back now overcome FEAR and THRIVE.

I love teaching and supporting women how to skyrocket their confidence and cash flow by creating solid 6 & 7 figure businesses online. I believe your business is an energetic reflection of all of the thoughts beliefs and feelings you have about yourself and your business.

Many of my clients call me The Bikini Business CoachTM because I traded in my red shovel for a red bikini and left the bitterly cold winters in Canada to live my dream on the paradise island of Kauai Hawaii ( a totally magical enchanting place) and HAD to figure out this online marketing stuff.

You won't see me touting a bunch of lambos or rolexes in my advertising or brand marketing but you might find my rad collection of stellar bikini's... what can I say?! I love entrepreneurship because I am an artist and all artists have their own unique authentic flair of expression. That includes YOU my dear! So let's get you and your authentic flair and leadership style SHINING BIG AND BRIGHT!

I'll cut straight to the chase and share with you the juicy bits you REALLY want to know about me, the interesting BITS of information about what I believe and how I operate... and how MY TEAM and I can help you.

  • I've made a TON of mistakes in this online expert coaching world so you don't have to! Seriously most of the mistakes I made came from NOT having the perspective to know what strategy I needed at the right time. Like many of our clients you don't know what you don't know and that can be very costly not only to your bank account but to your coverall confidence as well. This is the MAIN reason I started my coaching business to help women NOT fall into the same costly learning curves I had to endure. The only difference between me and you is that I have failed more in this space than you have.
  • I've written and published 2 best selling books, been on national television FOX ABC NBC and CBS morning shows, hosted tele summits, I run 3 online masterminds, Live events, live in person retreats, VIP days, paid advertising, webinars, email marketing funnels, and generated over 9 million in sales over the last 5 years, been there done that, bought all the T-shirts. What would you like to know?
  • I have a soft heart n sharp sword when it comes to coaching. Don't harm the human in the process. I have a very big soft spot for women leveling up and the challenges they face when shifting their identity. No joke! But I also have a sharp sword of truth. And I like to swear, it's like the color purple in my crayon box of colors. I censored myself for FAR too long so if swearing offends you I invite yo to check into where YOU are still censoring yourself for the approval of others?
  • I believe women run the world. Yup I do. We make the standards in our marriages, our businesses, finances and when raising children. STANDARDS, get some and set some. Your success is based solely on HOW SAFE it is for you to HAVE success, money, influence, JOY, happiness and the beliefs you have around HOW MUCH of all that good stuff is SAFE for you to have. One of my favorite conversations with women about your beliefs and about your worthiness and deservingness OH YES!
  • I feel blessed beyond belief to have witnessed and supported thousands of women in this incredible radical process of birthing their business transformation and I LOVE masterminds as a vehicle to foster this process. I believe WHO you become in this process is PRICELESS! And I want that experience and feeling for you if you want it.
  • I am highly spiritual but Im a Capricorn. I have all 4 feet firmly on the ground and the last time I checked Unicorns, fairy dust and angel farts don't pay your mortgage.

  • I'm really funny, mostly because I'm over 40 and FRESH OUT OF FUCKS! I don't know what happens at 40 but I think it's like a light switch and boom you just know what you know and that's it, no tolerance for bull shit and I am allergic stress at this point in my life. Absolutely 100% allergic. Your business your way to suit your lifestyle. And if it doesn't work, then pull the BOSS card and change it. You're not a tree. Move.
  • I believe authenticity and vulnerability are the new currencies in life and business and I teach a lot on these topics where women tend to be really stuck, sharing their truth in a loving way, asking for what they want, and going for their dreams. Nobody wants polished or perfect, people want real and I'm as real as they get. Vulnerability WILL absolutely set you apart in the marketplace it is REQUIRED in this day in age so if you struggle with it, it's time for some much needed healing in this department and I got you covered there too.
  • I believe women have magical super powers of intuition and just need to learn how to TRUST it again. It's actually proven in science women have mitochondrialDNA that men don't have connected to their gut feelings. A women's confidence can get really damaged by toxic relationships and any woman with an ounce of willingness can strap her tits on heal & deal. It's hard and scary and it CAN BE DONE!
  • I built my 7 figure international Womens empowerment movement after a bankruptcy with no credit on a healing journey from an 8 year relationship with a narcissist. If I can do it, you can too! I wrote a best selling book about "THE STORY I NEVER WANTED TO SHARE". You can have results or excuses but you can't have both.
  • I am a BAD ASS copywriter my clients call me a business oracle. I wouldn't go that far BUT I always say you should charge MOST for what comes naturally easy for you. Marketing lingo, naming peoples programs, marketing messages, branding messages, engaging copy is ONE of my many super powers. It just is what it is. In the beginning of my career I was SHOCKED that people PAID me to be what I felt was a secretary listening to people's story's and taking notes. Little did I know these sound bites and notes would help my clients transform their businesses and bring in millions of dollars in revenue by helping them align their message and unique offers so they LAND and are authentic.
  • My biggest kicks are watching women from week to week transform, get CLARITY, show up, implement, get sales and take their kids and family on rad vacations. Tickles me pink. ALL these women, lean in, invest and trust me and my team is something I don't take for lightly.

  • The ONLY difference between me and you ... is that I have FAILED more in this space than you have. That's it. Sheer stubborn persistence, purpose, getting up after I fail and trying again. Told you I'm a Capricorn!
  • Manifesting and MINDSET is another one of my great loves and obsessions. They say you teach what you need to learn most and at this point one could say I have two PHD's in this field!
  • My brain works in systems. Half way through a healing breakdown I'm already thinking about how I would teach the process to someone. My brain is wired in how to TEACH. Mentors and Guru's and experts getting results for themselves is one thing. Being able to convey and inspire others to action is a whole different ball game.

Alright that's enough about me.

Let's talk about YOU and what brought you to this page, what divine synchronicity out of ALL the business coaching out there connected YOU to this page at this time in your life... hmmm that IS something to think about!

So Rockstar, Are YOU Ready to UP-LEVEL your Life, your Business and Kick Your Confidence and Cash Flow Into High Gear?

Apply for Bikini Business Coach Mastermind today.

Trisha C, QUIT Her Teaching Job to Become a FULL TIME Spiritual Mentor Online 20k Results in 2 weeks. Imagine turning your yearly income into a monthly income?

Jasmin is a Biz Coach, Her Webinars Were Not Converting When She Joined Our Program and Now "$32k Per Month is a Slow Month"

Lesley is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who Shifted Her Local Business Online, Grew her Facebook Group to 4000 Members & Now Earns 20k Per Month AND Outsourced Her Local Biz Ops So She Has 2 Income Streams!

Gabrielle is a Food & Wellness Coach Who Implemented Our Sales Attraction Systems Training and Mindset Work ...She Took Her Online Coaching Biz Traveling With her & Hubby Living Abroad for 3 Months in Panama - Merry Christmas!

Meet The Team

Our experts have decades in the online marketing space and are rockstar love leaders just like you who are committed to helping you every step of the way with your habits for success, mindset mastery, funnels, paid advertising, copywriting, strategy and everything in between. 

Meet the Bikini Biz Coach experts below!

Jen Hashiaska

Facebook Advertising

Jen brings her expertise in leveraging internet marketing & Facebook Advertising to help clients dominate their competition online.

Jen helps our clients gain a competitive edge online with her access to inside Facebook reps. She knows when things change as they change and we all know Facebook changes their algorithms almost as frequently as you change your underwear.

With over 20 years exeprience in marketing and Jen's BIG heart for women in business she's sure to help you dial in your Facebook ads to scale and manages accounts of 2 million + per year in a very competitive niche for lawyers online.

Karen Luniw

Tech & Biz Operations

Karen is you go to gal for any tech related questions and we know you will have many for her!

She has a ton of patience and makes learning online skills do-able and fun! Karen's mostly famous for her early adoption of podcasting world and her podcasts rank on the top #1 spot for law of attraction.

She knows how to navigate online platforms and is especially skilled in those coaches use.

You're welcome!

Nicole Washburn

Copy Writer

"She always has a perfect way of saying what I want to say so that it sells!" Nicole has several years experience helping authors get published, write their books, ghost write their books and a talent for helping women put their message with meaning out there online.

Wether it's a social media post, an email, copy for a landing page Nicole is you gal!

Vanessa Simpkins

Founder Take Your Power Back Now Women's Empowerment & The Bikini Biz Coach

Founder of Take Your Power Back Now LLC a Global Women's Empowerment Movement, featured in The Huffington Post her work has also been featured on FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC television for her best-selling books “Take Your Power Back Now” and “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” Vanessa is not only passionate but also effective about inspiring WOMEN entrepreneurs to skyrocket their confidence and cash flow with solid sales attraction systems and MINDSET mastery tools that help her clients prosper.

She runs 3 masterminds online "The Wealthy Coach Academy", "The 10k In 30 Day Program" and the "Bikini Business Coach Mastermind" and is married to a wonderful supportive husband ( now her COO) lives and travels between California and Hawaii with her 2 bonus kiddos and 2 dogs Houdini & Cisco.

Geoff Mintenko

Sales & Mindset Mastery

Geoff loves team building and driving sales teams to WIN.  His most recent project was in training a sales for Shopify one of the biggest online e-commerce stores around on how to develop and target leads and referrals to grow sales.

He has a passion for teaching others, sparking innovation and helping emerging leaders and companies take direct action in building strong profitable brands, and legacies that last a lifetime.

He is an avid surfer, loves skateboarding, the law of attraction, his beautiful wife, two dogs, all things marketing & sales.

Kimberly Berry

Client Success & Mindset Mastery

Kimberly Berry brings with her over 20 years of corporate, non-profit, and small business experience to the table. Her dedication and ability has allowed her to climb the ladder, gaining various levels of experience and expertise accross multiple industries over the years.

She turned this progressive success into successful business habits and strategies which she's used to help small business owners thrive. She is excited to be a part of the Take Your Power Back Now™ Team, and looks forward watching you bloom!

Tai is a Tech Genius who Joined Our Programs After a Failed Retreat Offer & Leaned in One More Time and Generated 20k in Revenue

Tanza is a Mom of 3 Kids Under 10 yrs Old Who Invested In Herself By Joining Our Programs and Implemented Our Systems and Now Runs Her Own Mastermind Program Earning 30k Per Month and Growing! Her Husband sent me the Most Awesome Message About The Change He Witnessed in His Wife! RAD!

Violet is A Relationship Coach Who Wanted To Learn From a Heart Centered Woman in Business and is Generated CONSISTENT Results: 50k Per Month x 4 Months in A Row!

Vanessa is the kind of person that shows up in your life to show you what's possible. You really can create for your life whatever you want you just have to believe it's possible and you have to be willing to put the actions in place and when you're stuck in what action to take Vanessa gives you perspective. She helps you to see what you can really to do to boost not only your business but you as a person. And in business we're selling ourselves. It's who you are as a person that someone else is buying and she teaches you how to harness that and use it to your advantages expand on a whole different level. Vanessa is incredibly supportive, she truly is and if anyone has any doubts about how much she cares about her coaching clients COME to this retreat because I am telling you right now she lets you know on this trip how much she cares and is invested in you as an individual and I have worked with other coaches, a ton of other coaches. No coaches have treated me the way that Vanessa has treated me. Phenomenal, phenomenal coaching experience!

— Sarah S.

Fun In the Sun Meets Business Building... Sign Me Up!

Whoever decided building your business needed to be done in stuffy conferenced rooms missed the boat. Come and join us for an unforgettable 3 day Soul Sister Mastermind Retreat in Kauai Hawaii or Laguna Beach California. You'll make friends for life and leave with a tan.

We Know How To Have FUN & Make Money

Leave the kids, the cooking, and the day to day responsibilities of the business behind for an unforgettable weekend of fun in the sun meets business building with your SOUL SISTERS...

I promise you're going to have a GREAT time, nourish your soul, unwind in luxury, and catch the abundance vibe... you'll gather some nuggets of wisdom to kick your online coaching biz into high gear while you're here.

Make friends for a lifetime & leave with a tan, now THAT'S MY KIND of Business Retreat!

Apply To Join The Bikini Business Mastermind

Soul Sister Mastermind Kauai Hawaii Experience Hear What Our Clients Have to Say...

Soul Sister Mastermind Laguna Beach Experience


Who Is This Program For?

Coaches, any kind of coach, online experts, authors, healers, speakers who are looking to get their authentic message and business leadership skills dialed in, coaches who want to scale their impact and income by running masterminds, retreats, group programs, write books or scale their brand using paid advertising and the power of video online in a supportive community with other love leaders and rockstar women.

When does the Bikini Biz Coach Mastermind Start?

Enrollment in the Bikini Business Coach Mastermind™ is always OPEN, we have limited number of spaces so when we are full you may have to get onto a waiting list before you can join.

What is expected of me and how many hours of work will it take me per week/ month to complete?

That is completely dependent on WHERE you are at and how much time you want to dedicate to grow your business. This is YOUR business and so we will never PUSH you farther or faster than you want to go. Typically we tend to see women take 60 – 90 days to really get their systems up and running.

What if I feel stuck? How much support and accountability is offered?

Get READY for a ton of accountability and support! That’s what makes this mastermind so different from other programs out there. You’ll get access to Vanessa and her team to answer all your pressing questions, so you never feel overwhelmed or confused but always right on track with your next 3 action steps to generate SALES.

We encourage our clients to ask for support daily in our Facebook group Monday through Friday the team is available for you on Facebook as well as out 2 weekly LIVE Q & A calls with Vanessa and the team – if you’ve felt alone and frustrated before get ready for results because this is an area we take pride in – delivering rockstar accountability and support to our clients. It’s precisely WHY our clients WIN.

What Results Can I Expect?

This is your business and your results will depend a great deal on many different avenues, including your attitude, how much you show up and implement, the amount of time you commit to growing your business, how far along you are already in your entrepreneurial journey and how much time you spend implementing our curriculum.

No two people are alike so cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level. We are not responsible for your success or failure, our job is to show up to support you the best way possible and give you the best recipe for success, your job is to use it and implement it.

When Are The Soul Sister Mastermind Live Retreats?

We typically host 2 live soul sister weekend events per year 1 in Laguna Beach California, 1 in Kauai Hawaii. 3 full days of FUN in the sun meets business building!

Clients are responsible for their own travel and lodging and we of course recommend cool places stay, how and where to fly into which airports and all those details. Some meals and activities like Yoga are included on the Hawaii SSM. Both events include a private photo shoot with my rad photographer for you to use for your own marketing.

Due to corona pandemic we have adapted our program due to travel restrictions and will hopefully get our dates for 2021 as soon as folks are able to travel again. Until such time the Bikini Biz Coach Mastermind yearlong program does not include any soul sister masterminds but once the travel bans are lifted and we have dates you may upgrade at any time during your 12 month program. We figured this is the best way to allow our clients to GET the benefits of the program online in our mastermind without the extra costs.

So Rockstar, are YOU Ready to UP-LEVEL your Life, your Business and Kick Your Confidence and Cash Flow Into High Gear?

Apply for Bikini Business Coach Mastermind today.

You're still here reading ALL the way to the end of this website so what do you have to lose by applying today?

The application is free. A member of my team will get on the phone with you and asses your business goals, ideas and give you some clarity about your next steps.

If we can help you and invite you to be one of the few clients we take on this month we'll gladly tell you about how you can get started.

That's it lover.. let's do this!

Vanessa xx