Vanessa Simpkins is

The Bikini Business Coach TM

Designed to Skyrocket Coaches & Women’s Empowerment Leaders to Create a PORTABLE, Profitable Coaching Business They Can ROCK in Their Bikini in 12 Months.

The Bikini Business Coach TM includes:

Business Building + Mindset Mastery + Community Of Rockstar Soul Sisters Who Are ALL on the Same Journey of Setting New Standards & Reaching Them!

Can you imagine in one year…


Being booked on television for your BEST selling book that you JUST launched which is gathering phenomenal reach and placing you at the TOP of your game with a global expansion & visibility.


Creating a consistent $10,000, $20,000 or $50,000 MONTHLY income from your profitable coaching business working with clients you LOVE and getting PAID to wake up each day and ACTUALLY BE in service with your gifts, living your dream.


Hosting FUN, live, transformational events, workshops and exotic retreats because your ONLINE SALES ATTRACTION SYSTEMS brings you IDEAL HIGH PAYING clients every single month like clockwork.

Vanessa Simpkins


If you’ve been FEELING the call to really OWN your purpose and create a transformational coaching business by sharing your wisdom, talents and gifts, there is a REASON you found your way here to this page.

Over the last 8 years I have helped HUNDREDS of fitness coaches, life coaches, relationship coaches, and women’s empowerment leaders, healers, authors and speakers break through their inner blocks and skyrocket their confidence and cash flow by creating solid 6 figure businesses online.

Many of my clients call me the Bikini Business CoachTM because I traded in my red shovel for a red bikini and left the bitterly cold winters in Canada to live my dream in Hawaii. My clients LOVE to travel and take their kids on vacation, homeschool their children because they have created real FREEDOM and are no longer tied down to a physical location of business or a stale JOB.

They leave old businesses that drain them, and trade them in for a dream coaching career that’s fulfilling, fun and highly profitable. My clients TRAVEL (seriously), many of my clients design fun retreats and workshops in exotic locations, and WOW their spouses when they bring home the bacon, often times doubling and tripling their revenue in record time.

Join the Bikini Business Mastermind TM and this can be you, too!

Dr. Lesley Allen

25K Per Month Now With International Clients All Over the World!

I just signed a deal for $37,000! Thanks so much Vanessa Simpkins for all your help!

Lisa Cattell

Does any of this sound familar to you?


You cringe at the thought of running facebook ads, it all sounds like chinese to you even though YOU KNOW it’s got great potential to generate you clients and you love the idea of “turn on the faucet” system to get online eyeballs and traffic to your offers and buy your coaching services BUT you struggle with how to get started and or struggle deciding WHAT kind of add to run and how to make them profitable for you.


You want to work smarter not harder but don’t REALLY know how to go about building a team, who to hire first or how to do it wisely and in what order.


You’re a coach who’s taken course after course after course, has a ton of certifications under her belt but STILL aren’t attracting clients consistently.


You constantly wonder what to do first: write a book, launch a funnel, build a website, start speaking - the choices are endless and overwhelming.


You’re tired of banging your head against the wall trying to figure out all of these complicated business building strategies and funnels on your own, you start all kinds of projects but never finish them all the way and your confidence takes a hit each time.


You still struggle with charging HIGH prices for your services, aren’t CLEAR on how to get more clients without burning out, and tired of trying to piece meal all of these programs together to get this coaching thing to actually WORK for you.

I’ve created a fun fabulous business model that has brought in 3.7 million dollars in the last 5 years by hosting masterminds!

Now I get to enjoy $250,000 + months consistently with my live and online masterminds ( the BEST business model RIGHT now in the industry) and I’m here to show you how to do the same.
The Bikini Business Coach Mastermind TM is a radically different approach to attending some STUFFY mastermind in a conference room or hotel setting. BORING…

This program is for mavericks, artists, coaches and lifestyle design hackers who aren’t interested in living by other people’s rules but want to make their OWN rules and and have others live by them!

It’s not only about skyrocketing your confidence and cash flow… it’s about creating your lifestyle by design instead of by default.

I tripled my income in 28 days – from just one simple strategy from Vanessa.

She is street-wise, worldly-wise and business-wise way beyond her years! Vanessa has a big heart that guides her to give all she can to help her clients succeed – and they do! You will most certainly make a big leap in your business by working with her.

Kala H. Kos

CEO, Become Magnetic

Is it time for you to UPLEVEL your life, your business and kick your confidence and cash flow into high gear?

You’re invited to join The Bikini Business CoachTM, a 12-month mentorship with you, me and your soul sisters, rockstar women on a mission to change the world!

In this program you will discover how to make PAID advertising work for you to bring you consistent clients online and profit!

You’ll not only learn how to become an online marketing ninja by working CLOSELY with me and my rockstar expert TEAM of copywriters, Facebook advertising experts, Sales & Money Mindset experts but you’ll also know exactly HOW to build your business and in what order to focus the MOST important priorities because we’ll all be there to hold you accountable, guide you in the right business building activities and show you what works ( because we’ve spent millions ourselves testing out what does and doesn’t work in the online world so you don’t have to).

I’ve helped hundreds of women over the last 10 years: coaches, authors, speakers, healers, women’s empowerment leaders, fitness coaches, soul savvy spiritual guides with my confidence and cash flow system, and it works time and time again.

By focusing on one of three lanes and implementing the right systems in the right ORDER WILL get you from where you are today to reaching your business goals in exactly 1 year from now ( many of our clients get amazing results in as little as 30 days).

We will work consistently on the HABITS you need to cultivate in order to BE a 6 + 7 figure coach because success and failure are simply a matter of HABITS!

Each month, we will:


Get you CRYSTAL clear on delivering OFFERS in the marketplace that position you as the expert people want to buy from.


Birth your authentic sales stories, which will permeate through all of your marketing, video’s, webinars, posts, and online platforms that showcase your powerful brand.


Derail and disassemble the shackles of your EGO that wants to protect and keep you playing small and safe so you can BREAK THROUGH and BE the BIG leader, movement maker, change agent and bad ass business rockstar that lives inside you!


Become a MASTER at enrolling sales conversations and help your clients say YES to themselves and the transformation you provide.


Get you crystal clear on your masterminds, signature system and high end programs, retreats and VIP day offers so you FEEL GREAT about yourself and your business ( this is when you really start to see SALES come in when YOU FEEL GREAT ABOUT YOU!)


Help you create your online “Sales Attraction SYSTEMS” and ways to attract leads and sales online so you can let your marketing do the heavy LIFTING for you - while you spend more of your time enjoying the money you make with the family and friends that you love.


Email marketing campaigns, workshops, webinars, facebook ads, best selling books, PR campaigns to get your work VISIBLE and OUT there already in a big way.

Your Confidence & Cash Flow Will Skyrocket!

You’ll Also Get:


The BEST funnels that convert leads into sales, so every week you have 10+ people raising their hands that want to work with YOU! (Imagine what that would do for your business if you had 10 sales call applications each week?)


ACTION & PROGRESS pick one of our 4 lanes to build out your consistent client attraction online #1 the $5 a day facebook funnel: to build your first online tribe of fans and buyers, #2 our 45 minute funnel.

Yes, you can build a funnel that attracts qualified buyers in 45 minutes with our simple e-book model or #3 automated videos, masterclasses and webinars to pull in targeted clients and #4 our 4 video bucket funnel to build engagement and brand awareness while reducing acquisition costs -> our Attraction marketing plans are here for you to MODEL and set into action QUICKLY by keeping you focused in one lane at a time to create a consistent stream of high paying clients instead of “hoping and wishing” marketing.

CLARITY & a professional BRAND with marketing messages that ENGAGE your audience to want to raise their hands and work with you.


A deep dive immersion on my SALES as a spiritual practice process to help you MASTER sales and enroll more of the clients you attract with your rockstar funnels and brand!


A step by step plan of how to rock your 6 and 7 figure online coaching business to $20,000 - $50,000, even $80,000 a month income, and more.


And so much more

This isn’t for just anyone – it is for committed, ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to STRAP THEIR TITS ON GET TO WORK & create the lifestyle they always dreamed of!


Sumi shares with us her amazing 10k in 30 Days Program Results.

Nim Stant



She made $21K in 8 days during the 10K in 30 Day Mastermind

I am Vanessa Simpkins

and I created The Bikini Business Coach Mastermind TM because I LOVE hosting masterminds and I want to share them with you, Soul Sister!

Unlike a lot of Women’s EMPOWERMENT leaders or business coaches – I bring a mix spirituality and real life sales and marketing mastery to my clients.

I’ve been teaching mindset & heart centered sales online for over 8 years, and every month generate $150,000 -$200,000 on my laptop!

I’ve been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS television for my best selling book “Take Your Power Back Now: The Ultimate Confidence Guide for Women” & “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” book.

I moved to Hawaii back in 2013 and HAD to figure out online marketing so I could stay in paradise.

I  run masterminds, retreats, VIP days – I’ve done telesummits, webinars, Facebook ads, online videos – YOU NAME IT!

I moved to Hawaii back in 2013 and HAD to figure out online marketing so I could stay in paradise.

I run masterminds, retreats, VIP days – I’ve done telesummits, webinars, Facebook ads, online video YOU NAME IT!

I’m the creator of $10k in 30 day Mastermind, the Workshop Profit Secret System, “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops Book” (true story), and the TRUTH IS I’ve FAILED a LOT on the way to getting it right.

I think what my clients enjoy the most about me is my REALNESS and just blunt way of telling it like it is. I’m not fluffy or polished, I’m usually salty and sun tanned!

I help my clients create the systems that will allow their visions and goals to come to life and help them create the lifestyle they want around their kids or family, or simply have more FREEDOM.

I LOVE love love more than anything helping women overcome FEAR, take their power back now and thrive!

My background in direct sales and spirituality – from massage therapist to online coach has taught me a lot about being a successful business owner.

I’m here to inspire & empower spiritual women entrepreneurs like you raise your standards and believe in yourself – that you can have it all! No more settling, no more playing small!

You may see my current success and think “WOW Vanessa you’re beautiful and you have it so easy, of course you’re successful!” but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact even though I had a ton of experience in sales in my former job, when it came time to sell myself and my services I REALLY STRUGGLED…

At first, I struggled just to make my first high end coaching sales. It took me years of toiling around, taking all kinds of courses getting no where and finally when I did get my business off the ground I felt stagnant in the same place for 3-4 years. I wondered “what in the heck am I doing wrong!?!”

Each month the money would come in and go out without any of it staying to long in my bank account. After a few years of working SO hard in my business I almost gave up on the industry all together; I was so disappointed and MAD at God.

Here’s what I did wrong


I didn’t have the right SYSTEMS built to generate LEADS and sales everyday so I could spend my time being a coach.


I wasn’t charging enough for my services and STUCK in a one-on-one model that very quickly hit a glass ceiling that didn’t grow or leverage my time.


I thought that writing a book was going to get me in the BIG TIME without understanding HOW to really market it effectively.


I didn’t know HOW to market myself so I spent money on the wrong people, magazines, and websites. I was throwing spaghetti at the wall – hoping it would stick.

My first few years as a coach I sold one-on-one coaching packages. I did some speaking events and workshops and got by averaging around $130,000 in sales and I was stuck at that.

I did a LOT of everything on my own and didn’t have a team so I was exhausted and worse I was REALLY trying to figure out HOW to serve – what did Source Spirit God have in store for me – how could I honour that calling and do the right thing AND make a good income.

Once I figured out how to run masterminds and dialed in my online marketing funnel, my income went from $170k a year to $450k to 1.6 Million in 3 years.

How would you like to do that?

Now I’m able to travel, I visit Hawaii 4 – 5 times a year, take my family on outstanding vacations, buy whatever I want, eat organic food, enjoy fabulous spas and really live a rockstar life, a life of FREEDOM where I GET to consciously create my next level without fear or worry or doubt. Boom here’s the next expansion and the next and the next and the next.

Life is expansion.

I show my clients how to generate an exceptional business model and EXPAND their consciousness, confidence, cash flow.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my amazing TEAM, which is why I’ve created this Bikini Business Coach TM program so you can receive support and help from my team as well!

I’ll pull back the curtains and show you the exact steps I took to build my 7 figure coaching business.

I achieved all my goals and then some. I found priceless clarity and community that took my coaching hobby and turned it into the beginnings of an empire!

I signed up for the program because I was so tired of programs that didn’t work. And Vanessa Simpkins’ program works – it really does. It works so well that I now know how to create and run my own programs that will work, too. I leave with full confidence in what I’m doing and that I can make it on my own.

Maria Parraga


How the Bikini Business Coach TM Was Born

Why did I create a fun mastermind like this? If you’ve seen any of my video’s, or watched my webinars you know I have a thriving Mastermind, The $10k in 30 Day Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash FlowTM Program. I love celebrating women LEANING into their purpose and exploding their results!

When I moved to Kauai Hawaii and became the Bikini Business Coach TM – I started receiving A TON requests from other coaches all around the world who wanted to do the same – create a portable, profitable business model so they could enjoy working from anywhere in the world.

In the last 8 years working with women entrepreneurs in a variety of different ways, from Spiritual retreats to VIP day, online and live masterminds I noticed the women who worked with me for 9 months to a year were consistently the SAME women who were getting GREAT results!

They published and launched their first books, got national exposure or were booked onto their first television show, generated a consistent $10k – 20k ++ income per month, FILLED their retreats and began taking their family on fun, exotic vacations.

I also noticed that my clients had specific questions about ONGOING marketing strategies and loved to connect with me personally on a weekly basis to look over their campaigns, ideas and sales strategies.

The women who began joining our year long Bikini Business TM mentorship all became kindred “Soul Sisters” and developed a fun fabulous group of tight knit women riding the ups and downs of entrepreneurship together and forging relationships that last a lifetime.

That’s WHY I created the Bikini Business Mastermind TM Program for women who are tired of the boring convention hall style hotel style mastermind, who want to relax and have fun in paradise AND grow their business with rockstar support and community and all star accountability.

The Bikini Business CoachTM gives you access to work closely with not only myself, a 7 figure earner, but MY FABULOUS team as well!

I noticed that the coaches on the brink of a big breakthrough were not able to pay $10K ++ per month for a rockstar Facebook ad Guru to work on their campaigns or $20,000 a month on an all star sales trainer to help them master sales… So I began sharing MY TEAM with my clients, and their results went through the roof!!!

I made my first high ticket coaching SALE and I feel like I now have a plan and clear direction on how to make my dreams a reality!

This was just what I needed to boost my clarity, confidence and cash flow! I would recommend it to anyone who is stuck in their career and is ready to confidently turn it into something real and serious. I now have a high end program and am coaching! I made my first high ticket coaching SALE and I feel like I now have a plan and clear direction on how to make my dreams a reality! So much so that I can see this impacting my family life with my husband and helping him not have to work so much. Now its just up to me to keep showing up and doing it. And I am! Love to all of you.

Jenny Hogg Ashwell


The Weekly Live Q & A Training Sessions

Here’s what you’re going to experience in the Bikini Business Coach Mastermind TM with Vanessa and her expert team of rockstars


Create your leveraged HIGH end live or online masterminds, retreat or VIP offerings so you can scale your income and impact with transformational packages your clients want!


Up level your wealth set point, create new STANDARDS for yourself and your business so you can work SMARTER not harder.


Develop a solid marketing calendar, engaging offers and continuous campaigns to promote out to your tribe, email list and Facebook group.


Write and publish a BEST selling book - and establish yourself as an expert people want to hire.


Understand how to move your clients into an EXCITED "YES!" to enroll into your programs with ease by mastering Vanessa’s “sales as a spiritual practice” concepts, scripts and heart centered selling techniques for spiritual women.


A look inside Vanessa’s 7 figure business and how to scale and grow your team to achieve your business and personal goals.


Discover the BEST social media techniques to get the word OUT about your business and solidify your rockstar BRAND in the marketplace.


Become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR and discover the TRICK to manifesting ALL the time with Vanessa’s proven mindset mastery courses and gremlin slaying techniques you and your clients will love.


Create your online “Sales Attraction System” and automate a stream of never ending clients who all raise their hands to want to work with you - no more chasing or harassing people at networking events, NO! Having an online system to bring you prospects and clients to your inbox each and every single day will give you your TIME and your life back!


Learn how to get NATIONAL PR and publicity to wake up and pay attention to YOU and your business. Get your message out onto television, radio and print media to REALLY stand out above the noise and gain a global audience.


Discover HOW to use the power of ONLINE video to become an AUTHENTIC and magnetic attraction force in your business to engage your ideal audience.


Become an expert copywriter by learning the subtle art of persuasion and engagement strategies which are KEY to excelling at being a sought after, booked and in-demand coach people want to hire.

Work with Vanessa and Her Team EACH  Week On Dialing in Your Mindset, Marketing, and Sales

Mindset Mentor

Mindset Mentor

with Kim Berry

Kimberly Berry brings with her over 20 years of corporate, non-profit, and small business experience to the table. Her dedication and ability has allowed her to climb the ladder, gaining various levels of experience and expertise across multiple industries over the years. She turned this progressive success into successful business habits and strategies which she’s used to help small business owners thrive. She is excited to be a part of the Take Your Power Back Now Team, and looks forward watching you bloom!

$5,000 Value

Spotlighted Guest Expert - PR Rockstar

Spotlighted Guest Expert - PR Rockstar

with Janelle Capra

Janelle Capra is the Owner, Founder and CEO of Capra PR, a public relations firm located in Bakersfield,
California. She has spent more than twenty-five years working with media, non-profits and community-minded
organizations. Ms. Capra started her career working in television and quickly found her gift to help others get
the media attention they deserve. Janelle launched PositiveImpressions.TV as a platform to help her clients
“share the good news” about their business, brand or cause

$5,000 Value

Facebook Advertising Implementation Expert

Facebook Advertising Implementation Expert

with Jen Hashisaki

Jen brings her expertise in leveraging internet marketing & Facebook Advertising to help clients dominate their competition online.

After launching her career with America Online, Inc. (the first true dominant internet company), she went on to sharpen her skills with other leading technology companies.

$5,000 Value

Join us for our FUN IN THE SUN meets business building
in-person mastermind retreats in:



Early 2020 – Dates Coming!

Vanessa offers this luxurious and relaxing experience of “fun in the sun” meets “business building” infused with awakening on hyper drive in the middle of extraordinary setting


Laguna Beach

November 1, 2 & 3, 2019

Are you ready to be the next Bikini Business Coach TM?

The Bikini Biz CoachTM is a rockstar 12 month Mastermind Program for coaches and empowerment leaders who are ready to EXPAND into their purpose and profit wildly. No more playing small, it’s time to play BIG! Apply Today.

I am the next

Bikini Biz Coach TM

You can be next


Imagine owning a business that operates from ANY location in the world because your systems run seamlessly online! Take your portable, profitable coaching business with you as you travel around the world or simply run your business around your family’s schedule and DROP your 9-5 routine. Trade it in for a flexible business that runs and operates on YOUR schedule and timeline.


Put your marketing on automatic so you can work smarter, not harder and scale and grow your business with fun high-end mastermind, VIP and retreat packages you can charge TOP dollar for!


Imagine working with 7 figure business owner Vanessa and her team as they share with you the strategies and secrets to growing your own wildly successful and highly profitable coaching company that TRANSFORMS lives and impacts people with your wisdom and inspiration everyday.


Uplevel your life and create new ABUNDANCE standards for yourself, your family and your business and reach all the goals you set in record time. Being a conscious creator means mastering the art of manifestation. Money and clients are BUT one of the things you will create with your new found mindset mastery.

If you are tired of banging your head against the wall trying to wing it on your own and want REAL support and accountability to help you cross the finish line…

You are invited to join our rockstar tribe of soul sisters, spiritual women business owners who are living their purpose, changing lives and creating real abundance.

Join Today

Bikini Business Coach TM



12 months access to the Bikini Business Coach™ Membership Site with trainings to help you skyrocket your confidence and cash flow.

WITH THE BEST tested and proven ONLINE MARKETING strategies that work TODAY to grow your coaching business. Don’t waste time buying sales over there, marketing over there, ads over there, mindset over there -> we’ve put everything together in ONE place so you can plug in and get into action. ($20,000 value)


Weekly online marketing, PAID advertising, Facebook ad, funnel hacking training per month with our Facebook expert. ($5,000 Value)


Free Access to Vanessa’s $10k in 30 day Mastermind™ Content. ($15,000 value)


Critiques of your high-end program offers, website, webinars, funnels, sales calls, and more. ($4,000 value)


2 Live WEEKLY Q & A Group Coaching (ASK US ANYTHING) with Vanessa's Rockstar team. ($6,000 value)


Monday Morning PLANNING webinars to TEACH YOU HABITS of successful entrepreneurs in planning out your priorities - remember success and failure are simply a matter of habits! ($Priceless)


1 - 2 private one-on-one Coaching Calls with your own mindset mentor per month to help you with your ongoing marketing calendars, mindset, offers and keep you on track to reaching your goals for 12 months. ($10,000 value)


12 months access to the private FB Group where you can ask questions DAILY monday through Friday 9am to 5pm pacific and GET CLARITY on your next 3 steps to generating SALES. ($Priceless)

TOTAL VALUE: $55,000+

I am the next Bikini Business Coach TM!

Enrollment in the Bikini Business Coach TM is by Application Only

What’s the difference between your eight-week bootcamp called “10K in 30 Days MastermindTM” and your 1-Year “Bikini Biz Coach MastermindTM“?

The eight week bootcamp is geared more towards new coaches who have yet to make their first high ticket Coaching sale and are still looking to get clear on who their ideal clients are how to create marketing messages often times these new coaches may not have a website yet or still very unclear on how to break into the market as a coach and may still be struggling with how to position themselves create their high-ticket program.

The 8 week program focuses on you doing your marketing manually, so you have a good understanding of what problems you solve for profit and HOW to talk about that in your engaging marketing & get your first few sales.

Our year long Bikini Business Coach mastermind is to help coaches put their marketing on more automatic automated funnel systems and make paid advertising be the engine that markets your brand and message to the masses instead of you doing the work manually yourself.

The program is geared towards coaches who have already made their first coaching sales and want to get more of them or create their “one to many service offer” an online mastermind so they can scale and leverage their time and income.

They already have a website and are ready to dial in more automated marketing funnels including webinars and savvy mail marketing campaigns, so they can work smarter not harder!

This program is for serious coaches who want to create a consistent income from their business and scale their income to 20k or 40k – 60k or more quickly, grow a team to help them.

What Other Bikini Biz Coaches TM Have to Say About Their Success in the Year Long Mastermind

Trisha Condo

Trisha made $17K during her first month in the 10K in 30 Day Mastermind!

Cindy Witmer

 I Tripled My Income With Take Your Power Back Now!

Myranda Love

Myranda Made $72K During Our 10k In 30 Days Mastermind!

One session with Vanessa resulted in my first $6,000 coaching sale!!!!

How’s that for a golden nugget! I’ve been asking for a solid system for so long and with Vanessa’s Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow System and her incredible “How to handle sales objections” module I had immediate RESULTS  literally in less than 24 hours!!! THANK YOUUUUUU!!

Coach Gaya, Singapore

CEO, Intuitive Entrepreneur Coaching

I closed a HUGE contract with a fabulous client for $30,000 and it happened exactly the way I visualized it!”

Silvia Zoch

Sales Director

Just got another sale and hit my first 5 figure month! Boom!

Jessica Kupferman

Podcasting, Branding & Online Strategist

In my first month I have closed just over 16,000 in sales! Vanessa’s $10K in 30 Day Mastermind is the Real Deal!

Janick Lemieux

Intuitive Healer/Coach

$11,000 in sales and 4 new speaking engagements!

Tina Buchanan


Over $22K in her coaching business!

Tanza Elin Stahl

30K per month mom of 3 under 10 yrs old…crushing it!

So what will YOU Create In the Next 12 Months When You Join?


Skyrocket your confidence and cash flow like never before.


Learn about growing a STELLAR SUPPORT team to help you with your mission as your company grows.


Get into the VIBE of being a HIGHLY PAID, booked solid and in demand coach, author and speaker!


Create new HABITS for success like looking at numbers,focussing on income generating activities, MINDSET mastery to actually GET the goals you set - how to successfully market and sell your services and short cut your learning curve to become a profitable 6 figure + coach.


Who is the Bikini Business Coach Mastermind™ for?
It’s for coaches, speakers, authors, healers who want to create thriving online coaching business they can rock in their bikini if they want to. It’s for spiritual empowerment leaders, and healers who want to create a consistent income from their online coaching business or who want to discover how to GO BIG and get the word out about their message and movement by publishing their bestselling book and getting it into the media, television, print and radio as well as leverage their brand across social media, host fun retreats and workshops and create transformational masterminds to leverage their income to work smarter not harder.
Why should I choose this over a 1:1 Coaching Program?
One on one coaching only gets you so far. It’s kind of like going out on the town with one girlfriend versus having a GANG of your best friends ROCK the town with you. It’s A LOT more fun when you have friends who have your back, the women you meet here in this program you will cherish as soul sisters for LIFE! I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Birds of a feather flock together and if you’re going to succeed as an entrepreneur you’re going to have to RUN yourself and your business by a totally separate set of rules, habits and standards than 90% of the world goes by. Surround yourself with others who GET you and believe in you and are all on the same path and you have a recipe for success right there.

With one on one coaching you only work one mentor versus working with ME AND MY ENTIRE TEAM!

Interestingly one of the things I have learnt by hosting powerful masterminds over the last 8 years is that women learn better TOGETHER. There is a magical component when women gather, and to be able to hold space for that, witness and be a part of the epic transformation that happens when women gather is amazing. I love it!!! It never gets old.

I think masterminds are the BEST and most impactful business model around right now in the coaching world, NOT ONLY are they transformational – but people just are not interested in the “here’s a bunch of video’s go watch and digest all this info on your own with no human involvement” or what I call “cattle call” coaching programs with 1000’s of people in them where you get little time with the mentor and even LESS transformation. I think the coaching industry is saturated with that OLD kind of coaching platform the “cattle call” programs or the “passive income” kind where students stay lost and confused and don’t really evolve quickly. That’s why I LOVE masterminds they’re so powerful for so many reasons!

When does the Bikini Business Coach Mastermind™ Start?
Enrollment in the Bikini Business Coach Mastermind™ is always OPEN, we have limited number of spaces so when we are full you may have to get onto a waiting list before you can join.
Another wonderful reason why THIS model works so well to get our clients outrageous results is that when you START the mastermind and mix in with women who are in month 3 let’s say – and are rocking their business – that inspires you to GET TO WORK! Similarly, when you are in month 6 and witness women coming in on month one you realize how FAR you have come in such a short amount of time when you hear/ see their questions.
When can I join The Bikini Business Coach Mastermind™?
You can join the Bikini Business Coach Mastermind™ today.
What is expected of me and how many hours of work will it take me per week/ month to complete?
That is completely dependent on WHERE you are at and what kind of foundation you come in with. This is YOUR business and so we will never PUSH you farther or faster than you want to go. Typically we tend to see women take 60 – 90 days to really get their systems up and running. You can expect to put in a little more work in the setting up stages if you have little online framework together.

You can expect to dedicate 20-40 hours a week to working ON in and on your business. How fast you grow your income and your team will obviously depend on how much time you dedicate to it like anything else. You’re either going to be working on YOUR systems or working IN someone else’s!!

What happens when I first join The Bikini Business Coach Mastermind™?
You will have a one on one 60-minute Kickstarter call with Vanessa and Annie to we understand and track your goals throughout the 12 months. We show you how to navigate through your membership site and Facebook group introduce you to all the other rockstar women in there and then get you MAPPED OUT and started with your next 3 action steps to make SALES. We only ever focus on your next three steps, so you never feel overwhelmed, confused or unclear about what to do to get results.
What’s the difference between you’re your eight-week bootcamp called “10K in 30 Days Mastermind™” and your 1-Year “Bikini Business Coach Mastermind™?”
The eight week bootcamp is geared more towards new coaches who have yet to make their first high ticket Coaching sale and are still looking to get clear on who their ideal clients are how to create marketing messages often times these new coaches may not have a website yet or still very unclear on how to break into the market as a coach and may still be struggling with how to position themselves create their high-ticket program And make their first.

The Bikini Business Mastermind™ is geared more towards coaches who have already made their first coaching sales and I want to get more of them for already have a website and are ready to dial in more automated marketing funnels, so they can work smarter not harder.

The Bikini Business Mastermind™ is geared towards coaches who have already made their first coaching sales and want to get more of them or create their “one to many service offer” an online mastermind so they can scale and leverage their time and income.

They already have a website and are ready to dial in more automated marketing funnels including webinars and savvy mail marketing campaigns, so they can work smarter not harder!

This program is for serious coaches who want to create a consistent income from their business and scale their income to 20k or 40k – 60k or more quickly.

Many of our bikini business coaches publish their best-selling book, gain national television and media exposure and explode UPLEVEL their brand! Get ready to go BIG!

I am NEW to coaching, I have a certification. Is this a good mastermind for me?
No. If you have yet to make your first high ticket coaching sale yet the “$10k in 30 Days Mastermind™” is a better fit for you. You’ll discover how to get CRYSTAL clear on your high end one on one coaching program, create your signature system and signature program, work on your self-worth and worthiness, create a kick ass marketing plan, master the enrollment process and discover how to promote yourself to attract clients online and offline in this 8-week bootcamp. The $10k in 30 Days Mastermind™ will help you started by helping you implement a SIMPLE online and offline branding and sales attraction system to attract your first $3000, $5000 or $10,000 coaching sale.
What if I feel stuck? How much support and accountability is offered?
Get READY for a ton of accountability and support! That’s what makes this mastermind so different from other programs out there. You’ll get access to Vanessa and her team to answer all your pressing questions, so you never feel overwhelmed or confused but always right on track with your next 3 action steps. We encourage our clients to ask for support daily in our Facebook group Monday through Friday the team is available for you on Facebook as well as out 2 weekly LIVE Q & A calls with Vanessa and the team – if you’ve felt alone and frustrated before get ready for results because this is an area we take pride in – delivering rockstar accountability and support to our clients. It’s precisely WHY our clients WIN.
What results can I expect?
This is your business and your results will depend a great deal on many different avenues, including your attitude, how much you show up and act, the amount of time you commit to growing your business, how far along you are already in your entrepreneurial journey and how much time you spend implementing our curriculum. No two people are alike so cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level. We are not responsible for your success or failure, our job is to show up to support you the best way possible and give you the best recipe for success, your job is to use it and implement it.

What Other Bikini Biz CoachesTM Have to Say About Their Success in the Year Long Mastermind

Christine Moses

$19,000 in SALES!! Created her signature program and now charges her value!

Vanessa Simpson



You will be amazed by her fantastic success as an example that YOU can do it too!

It was amazing to make my first coaching sale, and at a higher price point than I ever expected. I’m even thinking about raising my rates already!

Through the program, I gained knowledge of exactly how to run the business part of my coaching practice – how to run a group, how to Facebook run ads, how to make a sales call. This was critically important to me. I’ve also gained self-confidence as a result of this knowledge and all the mindset work the program pushed me to do. It was amazing to make my first coaching sale, and at a higher price point than I ever expected. I’m even thinking about raising my rates already! I recommend this program to anyone who is ready to face their sh*t and deal with it and take action toward achieving their professional goals.

Nina J Lynn


 Cyndi Williams









$8,000 in New Coaching Clients & $30,000 in Sales


$16,000 In Sales! Raised her rates, gained confidence in OWNING her value!

Created a high-end program, got a CLEAR marketing plan & made $16,000 in 4 weeks!!

Briana MacWilliam

From In-Debt to $10K in 30 days – MIND BLOWING!

Tanya Clarke-Marinelli

I made my first $9000.00 deal in my Spiritual mentorship. Thank you Vanessa so much so so much.

Lisa Lajoie

In 8 weeks, I achieved all my goals and then some. I found priceless clarity and community that took my coaching hobby and turned it into the beginnings of an empire!

Maria Parraga

One session with Vanessa resulted in my first $6000 coaching sale!!!! How’s that for a golden nugget!

Coach Gaya

$8,000 in new coaching clients and $30,000 in my yoga business!

Cindy Olah

Following Vanessa’s simple and straightforward strategies I had the BEST week in my business yet 8k and counting!

Nicole Longstreath

Virtual Wardrobe Stylist

My sales have increased by an astounding 65%. I am no longer afraid to tell my client what I need them to do to secure my services

Natalka Lee

Natalka Celebrations Event Management, Decor and Design

$3000 in One Week Before Her Course Even Ended! Thanks a million Vanessa!

Naïby Jacques

In the last two months the income in my existing business has doubled. I’m taking a month and ½ off to travel!

Jolanta Kulig

After just 8 weeks in Vanessa’s program, we don’t have any money issues anymore! Money comes easily and effortlessly; it literally flows into my account!

Bronwyn Davis

I overcame some mindset gremlins, got CLEAR on my signature program and attracted a $4000 client!

Melissa Dafnis

Results may vary and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real. These results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated clients have done and should not be taken as average or typical results.